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The Inside Scoop: @sserenityfindss Talks About Thrifting & Her Business

Updated: Jul 1, 2022

Everyone starts to thrift and or sell clothes on Instagram for a multitude of reasons. Some may be looking for a specific style, while others are looking for the best affordable option. For Serenity Luna on Instagram, she expresses that she

"Liked the fact that I could get good quality clothes that are sometimes name brand for cheaper than retail price. It's very convenient when you have a budget!"

The price of retail clothing is skyrocketing, and many of these big companies are selling clothing items of poor quality which tends to steer away from many customers. Although, because of trends people tend to disengage from the price and purchase it anyways to fit in or be a part of the latest trends.

One clothing item that is extremely popular right now is biker shorts.

(Picture of Hailey Bieber wearing popular & trendy biker shorts.)

These are basically leggings or spandex material and are supposed to be worn for exercise. Instead, they can be seen in the mall, on walks with friends, and anywhere except for the gym. They are usually mostly paired with a large oversized tee-shirt so it almost looks like you don't have any clothes on. But, it is presumably comfortable.

Unfortunately, the demographic for these biker shorts tends to be young adults and even teenagers. Instead of wearing them on a treadmill, young girls wear them to school. Biker shorts are a very fashionable look at the moment but the retail price is not that glamorous.


Even Serenity agrees that retail items are not the way to go. You can find trendy items at the thrift store, even Lulu Lemon Biker Shorts (maybe) that retail for $64. I don't know about you, but I'm not paying $64 for half a pair of leggings.

"Retail is just getting more and more expensive so I like that thrift stores keep up with today's trends for an affordable price. Personally, I look for basic tees, shorts, and basic tops."

As Serenity expressed, there are many items at thrift stores that are either the same and cheaper or very similar and cheaper than you can purchase to stay on top of the trends. There are many thrift stores you can try and search for your personal styles and items you are looking for - there's not just Goodwill and Salvation Army.

Another thrift store (or consignment shop) you can go to is called Plato's Closet. At this consignment shop, you are able to find the latest trends for a cheaper price. This is great if you don't want to pay full price at the store and are okay with getting used clothes in good condition or if you are looking to resell these items for your own small business.

A pair of Lululemon Biker Shorts or Leggings at Plato's Closet would range between $20-$30 whereas the retail price either or may range anywhere between $64-$115.


There are so many great items you can thrift at any thrift store and so many different styles in this world. If you have a small business and are unsure of what your buyers will like, get a little bit of everything.

Someone out there will like the items you bought and will purchase from your small business.

Some advice Serenity has for other sellers and small businesses who like to thrift is:

"Promote your items! Tell people about it, nobody will know unless you speak up and there are people out there looking for what you're selling but you have to be patient and engage with your customers and future customers."

It's always important to get to know what your audience likes. If you're just starting out try and be interactive with them, and get to know their favorite patterns or colors, or even brands. Ask for sizes or go to the thrift store and do polls to see their interest in an item.

All it takes is to be open, honest, and active.


Check out Serenity Luna's Small Business on Instagram:

For cheap and cute affordable clothing!

See anything you like? I know I do.

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