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Streetwear @skate_shop_shifts on Instagram

Updated: Jun 13, 2022

"I'm not only finding these great items, but I'm getting to know the history behind them." ~ Mariamah Banksbey

Thrifting is more than just going to goodwill or local small businesses and finding that one item you are drawn to. To Mariamah, and her business, thrifting was her way to help people dress the way that they want to with an affordable option. Mariamah (@skate_shop_shifts) sells mostly on Instagram but also on her Depop @sssbyserapheem

The style that she gears towards the most is Streetwear but she also expresses that she looks for, "Things people might like such as goth, y2k, and destiny's child style type of clothing." For an idea of what style she likes to sell, here is one of the clothing items Mariamah has thrifted and sold on her Instagram small business:

She lists this item with the title "2000s Retro Year of the Dragon Tee" as well as lists the condition, model measurements, starting bid, and bin which means (buy it now) to skip the bidding process.

For this Tee Shirt, her starting bid was $8 + shipping. While her bin was $16 shipped.

Many small businesses on Instagram have a multitude of different ranges in terms of how they price their clothing items. For a 2000s vintage tee-shirt, which is very popular now in this generation, to start the bidding at $8 is a great price. As many vintage 2000s tee shirts are sold for $50+ on other selling platforms like Grailed or eBay.

Mariamah also talks about the importance of networking when starting out a business. She says that she, "Started getting things out of her closet, reaching out to family and friends, and started to network." From there, she said she started to grow her business.

"Thrifting is a therapy for me" ~ Mariamah Banksbey

And it is for many many others. Instagram is a great platform to sell on because of the many young adults and teenagers who already previously loved to buy clothing online than in stores. Thrifting can be cheaper and also better for the individual as they are not buying and wearing fast fashion clothing items.

Although, there are many individuals who say that those who thrift is "taking away from those who don't have much money to buy clothes, or are homeless." Mariamah responds and says, "I've been to many thrift stores in different cities and there's a surplus of clothing. There is always going to be a huge amount of clothing on the planet."

This is true. There are tons and tons of landfills with clothes being thrown away (mostly from fast fashion). Thrifters are saving the planet by purchasing these clothing items that are presumed as dead styles by reselling them for affordable prices. Rather than purchasing and selling fast fashion clothing items that lose their quality (or already did not have any from the start). Some online clothing stores that are definitely reflected as being fast fashion and have bad quality are; Shein, and AliExpress.

Many thrifters on Instagram and Depop do not support Shein or other fast fashion in any way. But, people like these brands and places to shop because they are cheap in price. Although many do not understand the history and background of how and where these clothes were made, who made them, and where they end up in the long run. This image portrays what many people call now, a Fast Fashion Graveyard.

Besides the controversy of thrifting to some, Mariamah still pushes through the backlash that comes with having a small business and thrifting secondhand. While running this small business, she realized that "[She] was capable of being [her] own boss." She learned a lot about thrifting and fashion while running her business and even expresses that she learned a lot about, "Where an item comes from or how they're made while growing my small business."

Besides thrifting at Goodwill and other small businesses, Mariamah mentions that there is another type of thrifting technique that she uses. She mentions an organization called Swap Meet. Here, she goes to flea markets or pop-up shops around her area and purchases things. She expresses, "Every item at these flea markets or pop-up shops has a history behind them - a story to tell."

The brands of clothing she has her eye on most include; old Forever21, Self-Esteem, and Fubu. Many thrifters and vintage resellers have a few particular brands that they always have their eye on. Yet, Mariamah says that the main style she looks for, besides looking for what people might like, is 90s Streetwear.

Here are more of some of the items she is selling currently on Instagram. Again, her instagram is:

and her Depop is:

For more 90s Streetwear and other thrift finds, go check out her small business on Instagram and Depop to support small!

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