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Exploring my College Town: Pretty Little Thing Boutique

When it comes to college, the main goal is to graduate and obtain a degree. But, sometimes, the surrounding city or town is important as well. I am currently starting the beginning of my second year at my college. A senior but, won't be graduating in the Spring. It gets a little confusing but graduation will come when I'm ready. In the meantime, after accomplishing my homework assignments and studying for exams, I like to explore the little quaint town that is Grove City.

Now it's definitely difficult to explore the extent that I'd like to as I don't have a car and nor do I have a license. Yes, I know, 22 and no license? I guess I never really thought I'd need one until the moment I wish I had one. But, thankfully, as quaint and small as this town is, most things are within walking distance.

Some of the places I like to explore and go to include, thrifty threads, salvation army, college coffee, and pretty little thing boutique. I just recently learned that there was a boutique down the street from my college. It's a little store filled with many vendors and small businesses that sell a variety of things. Mostly handmade or new items like crystal necklaces or bath bombs or even printed tee shirts and hoodies.

I've been to this boutique probably too many times to count. The college started about four weeks ago and my money is slightly going down the drain. But, it's 100% worth it.

Here are some pictures of items I've recently purchased from this boutique:

This crystal coaster was made for me by the vendor as a request. I received four of them for $15.

You might be thinking, "Why do you need four coasters for your dorm room?". Well, I probably didn't but when it comes to being in college, and constantly having to go cups from the cafeterias or cups of iced drinks, they tend to sweat and make your desk or wherever you left them, wet with puddles. I learned this the hard way. I left an iced cup of water near a notebook of mine for a class. To my surprise, the next day, my entire notebook was illegible to read. I write in pen, most times, and the ink just filled the paper like a matte-black painting of nothingness.

So, I decided to buy these coasters. To not only make my life easier but, to also look at them because they're just so pretty. The vendor I purchased these from can be found on Facebook: The vendor makes a variety of things including very cute Halloween-themed sweaters that I am currently trying to find the control to not buy.

Another item I purchased from this boutique was a mason jar cup decorated with a floral design and glitter:

Yep! I'm a coffeeholic. I need my caffeine and to save money, I buy Stok Cold Brew. You know, the cold brew coffee that's usually out of stock every day because it's extremely popular amongst many. But luckily, I have yet to come across a day where it is sold out at my local rite-aid. I needed a new cup because well, my other one was kind of boring but also, I forgot to wash it, and well... you know the rest of the story.

This cup was around $9 or so, but it is handmade and honestly extremely unique. Also, I was supporting a small business and if you know me, I usually like to support small businesses over retail. I don't recall the name of the vendor, but, if you're looking for a cup like this one or different styles, be sure to go to this boutique for one.

Another item I purchased from this boutique was this beautiful little closet/jewelry holder. Or, at least that's what I think it is. Regardless, I had to have it.

This item is too cute! It has little hooks on the inside and glitter decorated on the bottom drawers in the interior.

I purchased this cute little thing for $14 from the vendor: Taryns Upcycles. If you don't know what upcycling is, it's basically when an individual finds an item from a thrift store or something like Goodwill and re-purposes it for either a different use or restyles it to make it look more unique.

I ended up using this little upcycled piece for my bracelets and rings to go inside. Here is a picture of what it looks like:

Another item I purchased was this frog ring:

This ring was $5 but it was too cute to pass up.

I didn't really need this ring if I'm honest. Nor do I really ever wear rings. But, recently I've been pretty much all about frogs. My friend and I also have many frog jokes or send each other pictures of frog memes and I thought that this ring was pretty fitting for the semester.

I also resonate with frogs a lot. Frogs represent good luck or good omens. They symbolize transformation and prosperity and that's what I hope for this semester. To transform my past grades into better grades and my past studying skills into better studying skills along with using what I've learned to achieve success in the end.

Another thing I purchased from this boutique was this floral crystal necklace:

If you know me, I love necklaces. I have a bunch in my dorm currently and I love to purchase jewelry from small businesses or flea markets. This necklace really caught my eye in the boutique and I knew that if I left without it, I'd regret it. So I made the purchase.

If you're like me, and you know that you're going to regret not buying something, just buy it, you'll feel better about it later.

I also purchased a few mini mushroom crystals and a bucket hat gift for my current roommate for her birthday.

This boutique is a must-go-to boutique. If you like original handmade items, purchasing from small businesses, and like unique items, run, don't walk, and go to the Pretty Little Thing Boutique.

Run by Vickie Eackman, a wonderful and lovely woman (who also sells her own handmade jewelry in the shop as well) this boutique can be found at:

114 South Broad St., Grove City, PA, United States, Pennsylvania

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